Sunday, 18 March 2018



What had been your tactics for the Alcester game and how did the weather conditions affect your team?

"There were a few alterations we wanted to make as we weren’t happy with our own performance first time round and these changes allowed us to open up Alcester more then we did when we drew at our place. Ultimately all we was focused on was winning the game and we did that! 

The weather conditions were the same for both sides and the mentality we have created as a club wouldn’t have allowed the weather to affect us. From the sound of it the weather affected The Mowdog's commentary more than anyone else!" 

You were stronger before the break but fair play to Town, for after GNP missed three second half chances, they rallied a little. Who would you single out in your team for their individual contributions? 

"It was a fantastic team performance but a mention has to go to Tommy Rawlings, I think referred to as the unusual one by The Mowdog! His work rate was unbelievable and even after taking a knock his determination to defend from the front and cover and support the full-backs made it impossible to take him off. Tommy has really focused on improving his fitness levels and the hard graft he’s doing outside of training is there for all to see. He’s constantly being targeted by clubs higher up the pyramid and his commitment and loyalty is second to none. He’s set a precedent now with his pressing so I expect that every game! Tommy was the M.O.T.M. yesterday."

Your defence was strong and Bryson was the pivot there. How impressed were you by his performance? 

"Bryson has been Mr Consistent since signing before Xmas, he’s one of the first names on the team sheet and his willingness to put his body on the line, mixed with his composure on the ball are what make him stand out! I’ve been really impressed with the whole team defensively, we haven’t conceded a goal in 6 league games (540 minutes) but special mention goes to the goalkeeper and the whole defensive unit. In that time we have used 2 goalkeepers, changed the formation twice and used and rotated 6 different players back there. If they can add 4/5 more goals between now and the end of term, then they would have had a good finish to the season." 

Late deliveries from the left flank were wasted by GNP on breaks. How irritated were you by that?

"We are normally so much better at killing games off and running down the clock or finishing the game off with a second goal. It’s only the second time we have only scored 1 league goal in a game, so credit has to go to Alcester Town for that." 

Did you manage some friendly words with Danny Janes, the Alcester manager yesterday? 

"Yeah, we spoke before and after the game. I’m looking forward to locking horns with him again for a third time and I’m sure he will want to get one over me when we meet again. I’m disappointed in both games that we haven’t been clinical for the results to be more comfortable, however the two games versus his side have tactically been fun and our toughest games. 

Fair play to him for going 4 up-top at the end to get back in the game. A team reflects its leader & I applaud the fact that he’s so passionate in his playing style but also he can adapt tactically. He’s head and shoulders above both our rivals who show signs of weakness and their teams reflect that!" 

As 'the groundsman', you had done a good job on the pitch... Where are you next and how do you evaluate the current state of the division with both Ajax and F.C. Stratford winning away?

"Yeah at least I know there’s life after management for me in the groundsman-sector! We are home to Boldmere next which again will be a tough game.

The state of the division? Not much has changed. I still believe there are still only 8 teams that can get promoted and if I’m honest I’m not too bothered what Ajax and F.C. are doing. We showed F.C what we are all about a few weeks ago which I think is still mentally affecting them and Ajax, well they're not even relevant. They are a one-man team with their winger and their sole playing style will be their downfall. I think their result versus Bartestree, their first real test of the season showed there’s no fight there. Both Alcester & Bartestree will finish ahead of Ajax!" 

'Yours in football'...

Shamir Alam, Manager, GNP Sports...

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