Monday, 7 May 2018


Your personal thoughts about the Final?

"I am looking forward to it. I've only played in two Cup Finals before, one with Daventry and one with Coventry United. We won both, so I will be looking to make it 3 from 3."

You played against Alcester recently, so what did you think of them as a team?

"They were one of the better footballing sides from the teams I've played against in this division, so it should be a good game."

All players want to win things, so you must be geared up for the Alcester match...

"Of course, you set out to win every competition you're in and to get the double would cap off an amazing season for us."

Alcester have a busy schedule this week, still battling to claim promotion, so they might be playing angry. How do you think this will affect their game?

"I'd imagine it could because this might be their only chance of success this season if they can't finish 2nd and gain promotion, so I'm sure they'll be well up for it."

Personally, how would you evaluate your own season, moving from Coventry United, to Racing Club Warwick and finally to GNP?

"It really has been a strange season with moving clubs which I don't generally like to do but if I can finish with 20+ goals in total and a Cup medal as well as a League medal, I'd say it's been a successful season and I'm enjoying my football again which is the main thing."

Finally, how far do you think the GNP Raiders can go?

"The team already has the talent to win Division 2 I feel and I'm sure the Gaffa will be adding a few new players to make us even stronger for next season. So that'll be the target then but after that, who knows? Division 1 is always a tough league to get out of, with the number of teams and only one going up, so we will have to wait and see."

Thanks Josh...

Josh's Manager, Shamir Alam wanted to answer one other question about the Cup Final and that was how he felt the match would pan out on the evening...

"I think it will be a good game between two of the best sides in the league. Our league positions and our results against them show that. I can't speak for them but we like to attack and don't fear anyone, so that should make for a good game..." 

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