Monday, 28 May 2018


You have a full pre season diary. Why were those opponents chosen in particular?

"We had a tough pre-season last year and it seemed to have worked as we hit the ground running in the league, despite losing games last summer. The reason for picking a tougher pre-season this year is to remind the players that they have to be at their very best all the time, not just some of the time and the tough games we have will ensure that each pre-season session is approached with real focus as well." 

Have you spoken to last season’s squad members as yet and have any left the club?

"All of last years players have been spoken to and invited to pre-season where we will select a strong 21 man squad from last year's returning players and new players looking to join." 

Can you announce any new signings as yet?

"We have invited some real quality players to our pre-season but we are only in need of 4-5 players, so we will be really selective in regards to who makes the cut." 

As a club, what realistic ambitions do you have for next season? 

"All the pressure is on Feckenham, Hampton, Fairfield Villa, Northfield Town and company; they have been in this league for 4-5 years and surely it's time that one of them is due promotion. We will just focus on us and try to win each game." 

A new assistant manager I hear? 

"Yeah, Danny Janes, the ex-Alcester gaffa will be my assistant manager. As soon as I heard rumours he was due to leave there I wanted him on board; after meeting him we seem to share the same values and beliefs and I'm glad he chose to join me and the boys, instead of other higher league offers he had received." 

Danny Janes:

“I am delighted to have joined GNP Sports in the role of Assistant Manager. The direction the club is moving in and the infrastructure they have in place is outstanding. I have received a few offers in terms of playing and coaching but after I met Sham, my mind was made up there and then. The principles he has in place at the club, his drive and attention to detail really attracted me to the position. 

He wants the club to achieve further success and to do it in a certain way. To be a part of the journey is an offer I could not turn down. The quality of players was also a major factor and working with the calibre of players within the squad is something I am really looking forward to. I am excited about the new season, to meet the players, the rest of the staff and to work closely with Sham. 

The role of an assistant suits me at this moment in time, for I can step back from the pressure of being a number one. I can focus on the coaching elements of the game, whilst sharing my views with the manager around tactical approaches and player selection. I was also very impressed with Sham’s views and his opinion of me as a manager. He was very honest and told me all of the things he liked about my team and how we set up. He felt Alcester played the best football in the league, which a few other managers have also told me. 

If we can implement specific parts of that game into the GNP set-up then it will be a fantastic combination. Sham has already given me a lot of ownership in the role in relation to pre-season preparations, player recruitment and playing philosophies; this shows how much he believes in my ability to contribute to a team that has had a record breaking season. My role is to challenge the manager’s views and offer alternative solutions. However, Sham makes the final decisions and I will support his judgements and work to my maximum for him and the players”. 

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