Monday, 7 May 2018


Leamington Hibs have had a tough season but have kept going. Any words of encouragement for them? 

"They were a lot better then when we beat them 14-0 at our place and fair play to the old boy Jim and his wife for keeping this club going for as long as they have. They are the nicest people you could meet in non-league football! They just need somebody who can take the pressure and strain away from them so they can enjoy running the club. I wish both all the best in the future..." 

A hat-trick for Knight again. Pleasing no doubt, but good to see the other goals spread about. Your comments?

"Yeah, that’s 20 goals in 9 starts; he has one more important game for us then he can put his feet up and come back even stronger during pre-season. We scored some fantastic goals yesterday: Pricey with another header to open the scoring, Jason with a ferocious shot which he has in his locker (and we have been talking about adding goals to his game), plus a Swinners wonder strike versus his old side. There was also a somewhat questionable goal for Nathan Stoute, but nonetheless he can have his moment!" 

I presume you rested players v Hibs but do you have a full squad to pick from on Tuesday?

"Yeah, we left 3 out of the squad, rested two others and we are good to go with a strong 17 to pick from and no injury concerns going into the game." 

Are you applying for the soon to be vacant Aston Villa job?

"The fact I’m a Sky Blues fan would never allow that to happen but I’m having way too much fun at GNP at the moment, plus The Mowdog needs me for his blog views!" 

The league season is over: your thoughts?

"Immensely proud of the players and coaches; at the start of the season we set out to win the league and we have done that. We kept telling the players to trust us and bear with us as we were scraping through the league results from August to October and we always knew the longer we would spend together, mixed with some new additions, that we would run riot on the league and from February onwards when it really mattered, we did that. 80 points from 90 and 144 goals scored isn't bad when on 18th June last year we didn’t have a single player signed on! 

What makes the league campaign even better is that nobody rolled over for us but they all wanted to beat us and so the difference between us and them was that they were all obsessed with us, whereas we were just obsessed with winning! 

Yours in football..."


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