Monday, 30 April 2018


Early defensive confusion and threat on the Ajax right... Your thoughts?

"I thought it was quite a lucky goal in terms of falling to one of their players after two attempted interceptions and a slight slip from Jin but a good finish from the Ajax player. It was a slow and poor start from us. We made a minor adjustment to nullify Ajax from their right and as soon as we did that it was one-way traffic, I felt."

Bryson’s impressive presence?

"I thought the whole defence did well to adjust to the Ajax threats. It was one of Paul's (goalie Paul Lawrence) better games in regards to sweeping and he did that to perfection time and time again on Saturday. Jin is also worthy of a mention and he has been playing well for some time now." 

Knight’s continuing influence?

"I’m running out of things to say about Knighty at the moment; that’s twice he has scored 5 goals for us now and on Saturday he only played 60 minutes. He was exhausted from the 8 games in 26 days that he has played and that was Knighty at 60%. It’s scary what he could achieve for us. I honestly believe we have the best striker in the Midlands Football League at our club; in those 8 starts he’s scored 17 goals and still has 2 more games where he can look to increase his tally." 

Thoughts about Ajax’s performance? 

"Unfortunately for Ajax the previous and of course yesterday's games came after after two losses for us and the DNA of this team is that they hate losing. The 7 goals scored at home versus Ajax and the 12 goals scored away to Ajax shows we are still hurting from the two losses and we will look to finish the season as aggressively as possible!"

Brookes’ all round play? 

"The engine of the train; Corey and I have spoken about two big things he can improve on: one was scoring goals and the other was in controlling the game, do less running and more letting the ball do the work. In the last ten games he has been doing that, his goals and assists have gone up and his performances and recognition from everyone around the club is testimony to him listening to advice and implementing it in his game." 

O’Grady finally netted a triple. Pleased for him?  

"Yeah we thought it was a curse, as we have been waiting for that 'hatty' since he joined us and I know it’s been playing on his mind a bit, so it’s good he’s got his trio and he can now just focus on having a good end to the season. Like Knighty, since Josh has come in he has made a massive impact and he’s made the role he occupies in the starting 11 his own now. 13 Goals & 16 assists in 11 starts is not a bad return at all..." 

And Charlie Cook??? What a hero...

"Charlie has three hat-tricks this season and two from off the bench; he is certainly more effective when coming off the bench but what he needs to do now is get his own mind right and focus to translate that same level of performance and calmness in front of goal when he starts games because at the moment he’s a good first substitution to make."

Plans for the Final a week on Tuesday?


'Yours in football...'


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